What to take note for Kid’s Swimming Lessons


Swimming is a very important skill that your child should learn. Apart from being a very entertaining leisure activity, it can save your child’s life in case of an emergency. Taking your child for swimming lessons is a lot like immunizing the body from diseases. It is a skill that prepares your child in the event of flooding or other emergencies. Below are tips you need to grasp concerning your kid’s swimming lessons.


You need to get to the swimming pool up to 10 minutes before the classes start. You will use this time to inquire about your swimming instructor and where exactly you will be meeting up. You can show up 5 minutes to time for the rest of the sessions. If things are rushed, kids can get nervous. You should give them time to change and go the bathroom.

Swimming costumes

You can purchase the swim suits or trunks you want from a variety of options. The costume should fit your child perfectly so that s/he can swim freely. It is advisable not to take your child for swimming lesson with costumes that have built in flotation.

Swim caps and goggles

You need to carry a swimming cap which will prevent your child from getting chilled. Long hair should be tied behind your head using a rubber band to facilitate learning how to breath under water. For beginners, goggles aren’t recommended because they will give a false illusion of safety.

Visiting the rest room

Children are advised to visit the bathroom before the classes begin. Toddlers are advised to wear a double nappy. This a plastic nappy designed for swimming.

The different levels offered

The skills your child should master include: water adjustment, buoyancy, positioning, forward motion and ending with a stroke. Depending on the skills your child has grasped already, the leisure center you will have signed him up for will determine the level s/he should join. It will take different time for different children to clear a certain level. To perfect their skills, they will have to practice over and over.

Written by Gustav Kjaer