What goes into Marble Polishing


Marble can make a house look really nice and neat, however, it is a must to take care of the marble otherwise it is likely to get damaged. Marble Polishing is said to be a process which makes use of the machine in order to make the marble shiny and usually professionals have these machines, however, it is said to be a myth that chemicals can assist in polishing the surface of the marble but various tips and tricks can be found on the internet for the marble polishing in Singapore.

The marble floor is likely to get damaged by a lot of factors, for example, there could be a spill of foods and drinks on the floor and these foods and drinks could be acidic in nature. In order to clean the marble surface, there are few things which are necessary to gather some of which include soft clothes, poultice, polishing compound, and more.

Painter’s tape is available in the market which can be used to cover up the surrounding surface of the marble as it likely to get affected by the kind of product used. By using a soft cloth and a mild detergent, the marble surface can gently be cleaned. It is important to be gentle while cleaning the marble in order to avoid further damage. A poultice can also be applied in order to get rid of the stains. There is also polishing compound available in the market which can be used based on the instructions and the specifications. A low-speed polisher can also be used in place of the soft cloth however, it depends on the user’s preference level as well. It is usually wise to work in small sections but the important thing is to have a neat finish. The excess polish can be removed.

Written by Gustav Kjaer