Valuable Information About Lasik Surgery


Over the past years, LASIK eye surgery has grown to be very prevalent among individuals with impaired vision. It is mostly performed to treat nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. The primary aim of the procedure is to reshape the cornea to allow light to enter the eye correctly so that it can focus on the retina for better vision. It is a non complicated procedure that only takes about fifteen minutes for both eyes, and it is painless.

Ideal Candidates for the Surgery

For someone to benefit from lasik surgery, they have to be at least 21 years and above. Their eyes also have to be healthy, which means that they should not have any corneal abnormalities or eye disease. It is also vital that a patient can lie flat without discomfort because the procedure happens when a person is lying down. The patient also needs to keep their eyes fixed on one point for a minute or two for the best results. Additionally, the individual going through the procedure should be willing to stop wearing contacts for a maximum of one month before LASIK consultation and the procedure. Lastly, patients should also be ready to sign a consent form before they go in for the operation.

How Professionals Perform the Surgery

First, the eye surgeon will create a circular and a thin flap in the cornea using surgical tools that they call femtosecond or microkeratome. The expert then accesses the underlying cornea by folding the hinged flap. It gives him/her space to get rid of some of the corneal tissue with the help of an excimer laser. The sophisticated laser utilizes ultraviolet light beams to remove tissue from the cornea in a bid to reshape it. It allows more light to focus on the retina more accurately for enhanced vision. After reshaping the cornea, the professional returns the flap back in place to cover the area where the tissue was removed. From here, the cornea is left alone to heal naturally. For the healing process, patients do not use any bandages or have stitches as only topical anesthetic drops is used.

Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

Individuals can enjoy numerous perks after the procedure including:

Instant results

Probably one of the most remarkable benefits that LASIK offers, anyone who successfully goes through the process can immediately discard their contact lenses or glasses.

It is fast

Unlike other procedures which go on for hours, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the surgery by It is also safe, allowing a person to enjoy new clear vision. Recovery is also speedy which means that a person can go back to their normal life as soon as possible.

Adjustments can be made later

Professionals can further correct the surgery after a couple of years by making the appropriate changes.

Long term results

It only takes a few months for a person to adjust vision after the eye surgery. However, as soon as your eyes are fine tuned, the results are usually permanent. In some cases, you may require follow-up surgery when you grow older, and the eyesight changes slightly.

Written by Gustav Kjaer