Turquoise Jewelry – Special Throughout the Centuries


Turquoise jewelry is a gorgeous color for a stone that is then set in sterling sliver or gold. Turquoise is the birthstone of December, so many people born in this month love to receive turqoise jewelry.

The price of turquoise jewelry can vary depending on what the jewel is set in. If the turquoise jewelry has a white gold setting, then the price can be $500 for a set of cuff links. The stone is the most valuable when it is natural. There are synthetic variations of the stone, but these are usually classed as cosmetic jewelry.

The turquoise stone dates back to its discovery in ancient days when it was used as a talisman for noble people. Many cultures attach a mystical or spiritual meaning to turquoise jewelry. Some riders in the early centuries believed it would bring them luck against falling off a horse (http://earthsky.org/earth/december-birthstone-zircon-turquoise). In Egypt, the death mask of Pharoah Tutankhamun was adorned with turquoise stone. This jewelry is very popular among the Native Americans of Canada as well; they often wear turquoise jewelry and sell it as part of their cultural apparel.

This stone has an interesting appearance because it is not opaque in its natural form. Also, the stone in natural turquoise jewelry is cold to the touch. Even still, this stone is fragile and can be easily scratched or broken. For this reason, only about 10% of the gem is considered to be quality stone.

This stone is most commonly known as being a love stone. While the diamond is a popular wedding stone in North Americans, many Russians wear turquoise rings (http://earthsky.org/earth/december-birthstone-zircon-turquoise). In Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”, Leah gave a turquoise ring to Shylock in hopes that she might win his affection.

There is such an interesting history of turquoise jewelry. It makes a lovely piece that was most popular in the 1980’s, but is slowly making a comeback.

Written by Gustav Kjaer