The Benefits of Attending an ITEC hairdressing Course


Since 1947, ITEC has taken a part in the beauty and wellness industry. Our founder Dr. W.E. Arnould Taylor, working together with Mr. Wallace Sharps, they developed a health and beauty, wellness training and educational system that revolutionized the standards used in our modern world. We continue to strive to maintain the latest techniques, and the utilization of high quality products in our ITC centers, while still holding to the core standard values that lies at the heart of our very foundations. We help develop our students fullest potential by training them in the latest in hair color, hairstyle, and cosmetic techniques. Our highest standards in the haircare industry go well beyond the minimum requirements, and exceed in both national and international qualifications with our ITEC Hairdressing Course.


ITEC offers quality hairdressing training course, by experienced well-qualified instructors in over 650 centers operating across the Asia Pacific, Europe, South Africa, and the United States. With our internationally recognized program, we offer certification in the cosmetology and barber industry, so that our qualified students have the option of practicing in any one of the 40 countries that have passed the ITEC examination. This also it makes it possible for our certified ITEC graduates to work on any one of the Cruise Lines, as a trained barber or beauty specialist.


Our two year part time program, covers all levels of training from beginning to advanced, in order to prepare our students for the modern hairdressing world. Our learning centers offer both part time or full time training, which gives our students the flexibility needed to balance both work and family life, around training for a new exciting career here at ITEC.


We look forward to welcoming you as our future student of the ITEC Hairdressing Course. The hairdressing and barber industry is always growing, and is perfect for anyone desiring a career that is both creative, and rewarding.

Written by Gustav Kjaer