Recommended Multi Family Office

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The current trend around the world when it comes to wealth management, which is also taking up route in the Asian continent is the multi- family office. These are independent organizations that help numerous families to manage their whole wealth. In Singapore there are several firms which offer this form of wealth management model, and the following are tips of choosing recommended Singapore multi- family office:

Looking at the Services Offered by the Firm

Different multi- family offices offer different kinds of services. Hence it is important to consider what kind of services a certain firm offers before settling on one in Singapore. One should choose the one which suites their needs, as some of the services offered in different multi- family offices include: book- keeping, wealth planning, philanthropy, tax assistance and family governance among many others. Choosing the multi- family office like that meets your desires will be key on the success of how your wealth will be managed.

Values of the Firm

Multi- family offices serve families with different values, and before settling on one you need to find the jurisdiction within which they operate. One needs to get to know the firm’s values, what they stand for, and if they do resonate with those of your family. After accessing this, and coming to a conclusion then one can go ahead and pick the most appropriate one.

Background and History of the Firm

One should look into who are the owners of the firm, and their reputation over the years. You should look for a firm with experience, and they will offer much more security assurance when it comes to the management of your wealth. A reputable firm will also offer experienced advice on how best to manage your assets to maximize on the benefits.

The Fee Structures of the Firm

When looking for the most suitable multi- family office in Singapore one should also consider the fees that the firm charges for their services. Different firms have varying forms of fees such as performance- based fees whose rates vary from one firm to the other. For this reason it is important to find out what are the rates that a certain firm charges for the services they offer before making a decision on which you will settle for.

Written by Gustav Kjaer