What is a Marine Control Panel?


Do you want to understand a marine control panel? Marine control panels are digital engine controls for boats. For example, fishing and sports boats. You should shop for a vessel with a control panel that has been built and tested over an extended period of time. That enables you to control your boat quickly and also enhances your safety.

Parts Of a Marine Control Panel And Their Functions Are:

  • Controls

Do you spend long hours on the water with your vessel? If you do, then you know how important having a digital marine control panel is to you.

They enable you to have perfect controls over your boats. You should look for control panels that have easy to grip but firm handles and flexible internal mechanisms.

  • Digital,Throttle and Shift DTS

You use DTS systems for shifting your boat’s position. You should look out for DTS systems that enable you to have a quicker response to your boats needs.

Sport boat racers use marine control panels during races. That because their digital designs allow boat racers to carry out complicated maneuvers. That’s because these systems undergo tests for over 1000 hours before they are declared fit for marine racing activities.

  • Sensors and Alarms

You use marine control panel’s sensors for docking your boat. They offer you pinpoint accuracy regardless of wind strengths, currents and waves. That allows even marine vessel beginners to approach the dock with confidence from any angle.

Alarms also enable you to notice if some parts of your boats are not working as required.

How Marine Control Panels Work

Marine control panels have digital, robust and on board vessel system integration. They include, controls, digital, throttle, and shift systems,to gauges, alarms, and sensors. They also include on-board electronic systems.


Digital marine control panels enable you to have perfect control of your boats. With the control panel guide above, controlling your vessel should be an exciting adventure.

Written by Gustav Kjaer