Kangrim Boilers Have a Plan for Success


Kangrim boilers are made by Kangrim Heavy Industries Co. LTD. This company began in October 1981 in Korea in the area of Pusan. The manufacturing centers for this company are in Pusan, Changwon, and China.

The company had previously been well known for making marine equipment. Kangrim is unique because they have a center for research and development of the boilers. This ensures that the boilers are being fashioned according to global standardization.

Kangrim boilers in Singapore make all kinds of products such as exhaust boilers. They produce all the equipment needed to service these boilers as well. Ravebo in the European partner of Kangrim, and all of their service technicians are trained by Kangrim. This means that all the service that Kangrim offers for its boilers is in line with the way these boilers have been manufactured.

Another great feature of Kangrim boilers is that because of its global partnerships, the new parts that are shipped out to service the boilers originate from Kangrim. This is so important because it means that the boilers will continue to operate in a new condition as they were originally designed to. So many companies outsource to the point where a service technician has a difficult time locating parts for maintenance. This is not so with Kangrim boilers, and it is a very reliable feature of purchasing a Kangrim manufactured boiler.

These machines are costly, and the buyer wants to know that not only is the boiler good quality via Giantech, but that there is a plan in place set out by the company if something goes wrong with the product. Wear and Tear is inevitable, but Kangrim ensures that it is dealt with by professionally trained service techs who understand exactly how the company made the boiler in the first place. For quality, reliability, and good service, trust Kangrim boilers.

Written by Gustav Kjaer