Installing an Under the Cabinet Wine Glass Shelf

Sep 13th

Installing an under the cabinet wine glass shelf adds flair as well as function to your kitchen or bar by showing your stalk and foot and making it easily accessible as well. Many construction markets sell specially designed metal racks that can be installed just by turning them on the underside of your closet, but you can create a cheap, simple wooden rack using any kind of cut timber. This type of rack, where wine glasses hang with the head down, will hold any kind of glass with a stem and a flared bottom. To installing an under-the-cabinet wine glass rack, starting with sand all pieces of wood before you begin assembly.

Wooden Stemware Rack Under Cabinet

Start rubbing pieces with the coarse sandpaper and finish with fine sandpaper, wipe clean with a soft cloth when done. Lay the long cross-pieces of the wine glass rack diy frame, 12 inches apart and parallel to each other. Apply glue to 1 inch all internal corner edges and squeeze a 10-inch side piece so the surfaces are flat. Repeat for the other end and completely dry before continuing. Drill two narrow holes through the long cross-piece and into the short traverse. Tighten a ¾ inch wooden screw into each of the four holes to secure the frame together. Gather the slats by gluing 1-by 12-inch slats to the center of each 3-of 12-inch slat. Squeeze and let them dry.

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Prepare to fix the slats to the frame by marking the start where you want to glue and then screw them in. Using a pencil, make selections every 4. Inches starting from the outer edge of the hanger. Go back over the marks and make another mark one inch up from the 4-inch markings, showing how the differences between the lamellae become. Apply glue to each margin on the top of the ribs. Line up the edge of the wide part of the trunk with the pencil selections; place each slat 1 inch apart from its neighbor. Squeeze and let the glue dry. Drill a pilot hole through the upper part of the frame into each glue on the trunk assembly.

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Spread an u00BE inch wood screw in each of the 18 guide holes. Drill a hole in three spaces on each side of the longitudinal portions of the frame. This allows you to mount the wine glass rack shelf to the underside of the cabinet. Fill out all screw holes with pellet mass, if desired. Wipe the entire shelf once more with a soft cloth and stain shelf with a sponge brush or stain brush. Allow it to dry completely before applying a new layer and finish with a polyethylene coat if desired. Attach shelf to the underside of the cabinet by fixing screws through the six pre-drilled mounting holes. Determine the length of the screw you need based on the thickness of your cabinet floor base.

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