Importance of the Breast Pump for Mums


Breast milk is very important to a newborn. The natural breast to mouth form of breast feeding is sometimes not viable. In such a case, the mother must use a breast pump. A breast pump is a useful tool for any new mother. Even mothers who intend to exclusively breastfeed their children will find a breast pump useful from time to time. The importance of the breast pump for mums is therefore not restricted to working mums only. Here are 5 top reasons why breast pump may be important.

A mother can express and store her breast milk for the baby to use when she is away. This is especially important for mothers who return to work a few months after the baby is born. The baby is not denied the nutritious breast milk from its mother. A mother who stays at home can also use the breast pump to express and store milk for the child during occasions when she is not with her young one.

A mother can decide to express her breast milk to allow the father to also feed the child. This is great for bonding between father and child. The father also takes an active role in the nascent stages of the child’s development and knows the baby’s feeding patterns.

Sometimes natural breastfeeding is not possible and the breast pump is the only option. A nice example is when the baby is too sick or premature to breastfeed. Some breast pumps even increase a mother’s milk output.

Engorged breasts can be relieved if a mother uses a breast pump. Just pump some milk and the nipples will become soft. A breast pump can also draw out inverted or flat nipples making breast feeding easier.

A breast pump is also a great way to relieve the mother when she is handling twins or other multiples. If breast feeding one baby is tedious, twins or triplets can be really straining. With a breast pump, the mother can relax a bit.

Once you decide to buy a breast pump, go for a high quality product that is safe. Go over reviews to know what other moms think about a given gadget before you make a purchase.

Written by Gustav Kjaer