There are a lot of websites that claim to have your car sold as quickly as possible, but we all know it is not as easy as it sounds. It is therefore not surprising that online services are increasing by the day. There are however a few exceptional sites that genuinely guide and show you how to sell your car online. There are basically two types of car dealers, one that deal with online services, and this type make their assessments and estimates over the internet while the rest offer one on one deals or over the phone and once an agreement is agreed, they make necessary payments and collect the car. When selling your car, it is advisable to list your car with reliable online services.


1. Do a Research:

Before making a listing, do a research on a number of websites to check their traffic and packages offered. Get to know their pricing guides as the fees vary depending on the car type and the period of time advertised.


2. Advertise:

Photos play a vital role in selling your car online, because this will either attract or repel buyers. Quality pictures should be used in advertising because this will determine whether there will be a transaction or not. It is not necessary for a vehicle to be perfect, but when taking pictures, it is essential they are accurate and honest. It is advisable not to hide any faults or blemishes, as this may create disputes in the future.


3. Description:

An accurate description of your car with a backup of precise photos will attract buyers on your car. Some information is important when listing an ad, this include:

  • Car’s history
  • Mileage
  • Recent repairs or modifications
  • Contact of past owners
  • Contact Information


Avoid over selling your car by putting a lot of unnecessary details in your ad because this may create an opposite effect of repelling potential buyers.


Getting a Buyer:

Once you are sure that your ad is posted, expect buyers to contact you for test drives or any information required. It is important to include your contacts to further your chances of being contacted. When a contact is made, try to respond immediately by getting the buyer’s full information and making an appointment.

Encouraging your potential buyers to take test drives will help improve your sales pitch hence making it easy to come into an agreement when selling your car.

Written by Gustav Kjaer