How not to be disappointed with wedding bouquet florist


Your florist plays a major role in setting the tone of your big day, thanks to their colorful range of blooms. The right florist will bloom your floral vision to life. Also, keep in mind that they will provide you with multiple floor bouquets to cater for the attendees, the groomsmen, fathers, mothers and so on. Also, they will provide flowers to decorate the entire ceremony.

Therefore, choosing the right wedding bouquet florist should be as certain as the day your wedding will take place. But how do you go about it?

Here are the answers:

Follow recommendations

Seek friends who recently tied the knot. Also, ask wedding professionals around and they will give you myriads of recommendations. These people have probably made the right contact at wedding receptions and ceremonies, so they know the right people for the job.

After you’ve identified a few candidates, visit their shops to observe their arrangements. Do you like the floral combination you’re seeing? Are they fresh?

Also, study each bouquet and table arrangement to get a clue of what you’re going into.

Your florist needs information about the wedding upfront

Even the best florist in town won’t do well when they don’t have an upfront overview of your wedding. So tell them what you expect, your preferences and budget too. Tell them about your color schemes as well.

You can also bring photos of the site you’ll be using so you can discuss ideal floral placements. If you’re not so sure about ideal floral arrangement, use pictures in wedding magazines to get an idea of what you’d like to see. This will give your florist a clue.

Also, let them know your budget upfront so they can work out their estimates based your requirements. Once they understand all you need in a specific price range, they will use their expertise to come up with the right wedding bouquet.

You must be open to suggestions

Based on your budget, your wedding bouquet expert will recommend a mix of elegant flowers with tips on how to save on the centerpieces to stay within budget limits. Clear communication back and forth will give you the best chance of success.


When everything looks good and you’re comfortable with their quote, move in to hiring them. Also, make sure they can corporate with the reception site and delivery times.

Written by Gustav Kjaer