Guide to Event Production


Event production or planning any other special occasion has developed from being an informal activity to a highly organized and professionalized job. Here are a few great tips to help you plan your party and be productive from

  • Decide how many people are likely to attend
  • Establishing the party date as soon as possible this is important for efficient planning
  • Decide how you would like the special occasion to be delivered
  • Ensure the safety of the members attending the event
  • Ensure the safety of the employees designing the event
  • Ensure those you have invited enjoy the event
  • Ensure that the build-up and breakdown of the party is carried out safely
  • Ensure all event-related operations comply with local rules and regulations
  • Include include medics, catering, security, and emergency kit
  • Hospitality
  • Provide catering for the guests
  • Provide bathroom facility for guests
  • Discuss the budget on how much you have to spend

Method For Planning Event

  • Establish the party and design or theme
  • Specify the cost and procurement of services
  • Make a schedule of building, showing and breakdown

Ongoing through the life of the project

  • Attend to health, safety, access, and noise issues
  • Bookkeeping includes financial planning, cost management, and financial reporting
  • Keep records of permits and overseeing

Designing the Event

A well-designed layout significantly influences an event’s success and is crucial to comfort and safety of those attending and taking part especially for event production.

  • Creative content design
  • Programming
  • Technical design
  • Routes for access and parking
  • Party capacity
  • Ground conditions
  • Neighbors
  • Garbage disposal

If the party will be a large public occasion, then any public gathering will most certainly need to carry some kind of liability insurance. There are a few different insurance companies who provide a combined liability insurance including cancellation services, liability, and all risks insurance.

Involve Social Media

Event producers need to keep up with their audience and party to help enhance their marketing efforts by having strong social media power.

  • Promote the party in advance through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or other social media sites.
  • Create a broadcasting stream.
  • Post signs at the party to remind guests of the media presence.
  • Post photos and videos.
  • Include Upstream and for slide presentation include Slideshare.
  • Use Apps with maps for showing festival locations and other real time events.

If you carefully plan your party and have a nice turnout, then the next time you have a party or any other special party or occasion, the guests will surely return. You will also get many great compliments.

Written by Gustav Kjaer