Finding Help for Speech Impediments


When people cannot communicate properly, it impedes their lives. There is no way around it; a speech impediment might interfere with someone’s ability to feel confident and gain credibility later in life. Think about a teacher who cannot pronounce words properly. The children in his/her class might make fun of this individual.

For the reason of corrective intervention, professionals are employed to help heal language disorder. The earlier the intervention, the greater the chance that the person has to be successful later with communicating properly. Language disorder therapy usually involves speech pathologists. These professionals will work with an individual to train the client to pronounce troubling letters properly.

They usually try to make this learning fun with games and rewards for success. Usually children grow out of a speech impediment, but many do not. They might r’s like w’s, so instead of saying sorry, they say sawy. This is cute when a toddler does this, but a seven year old entering grade one might not be so endearing to peers with these speech habits.

Usually speech impediments are simply lazy habits that form during childhood. The child needs incentive and training to break preset speech molds. Other impediments, such as stuttering, are not so easy to correct. Some children grow out of stuttering, and some continue on. It often presents itself in nerve wracking situations. Some people find that letting go of past traumas can help to loosen their tongues. Stuttering is well studied, but no one knows exactly what causes stuttering to occur.

Working with scientists in speech pathology and linguistics is the best chance that children and adults have of overcoming any speech difficulties. The benefits of putting in this work are endless. If people need to get this help but cannot afford the health care, they can always look to volunteer for studies into new treatments in this field.

Written by Gustav Kjaer