Enjoy Asian Flavor with Halal Satay


When a person is looking to add a touch of Asian flavor to their dish halal satay is a great seasoning. It is found in many different dishes in the Asian culture. This seasoning can be dried and added to a number of different dishes. Halal satay is a fried mixture of spices and different seasonings. It comes in powered form and can be used to add a nice taste to a number of different dishes. It is a special type of shrimp bullion that can also be used to help flavor broths in addition to foods. This spice mixture originated in Fujian, China. Only a little bit of this spice is needed .to enjoy the flavor.

Halal satay Singapore is a mixture of spices that are popular in the Asian flavor profile. To make this spice mixture a specific amount of salt, MSG, a touch of sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, dried ground shrimp, ground sesame seeds, a touch of peanut butter, red pepper flakes , and Turmeric are combined together. These spices are stored in an airtight container to be able to keep them fresh. The spice is brown in color. It can be used as a marinade and is great on meats that are going to be grilled. This spice mixture can also be used to make a sauce. This spice mixture is a bit on the spicy side but the sugar and peanut butter give is a hint of sweetness. The sauce is great in dishes that are both sweet and spices. It can be dissolved in boiling water when it is going to be used to make a sauce. This spice mixture can also be applied directly to the meat. Halal satay is popular in Asian dishes to give it the distinct flavor. This mixture of spices is great for people that like a sweet and spicy dish in one.

Written by Gustav Kjaer