Air Products Service


For 75 years now, Air Products has been on the front line spear heading the utilization of gases and chemicals. Air Products is single handedly the largest supplier of gases and chemicals to a wide variety of companies across the globe. Whether it is an onsite job or delivery to a different destination, Air Products is the solution to any and all gas and chemical related problem

Why choose Air Products

When dealing with chemicals and gases, safety is of prime concern. Air products is keen on safety of their staff as well as that of their clients. This makes it the perfect choice for many businesses within this sector.

In addition to this, air products assures its clients of premium quality products and services. The company,GIA is dedicated to the production of goods and services that are up to par, if not above the international standards.

Air Products, through innovation, offers a wide range of products and services tailored to suit the unique needs of their clientele. Be it technology, chemicals or gases, there is something for everyone.

Service agents

Unfortunately, Air Products is not an omnipresent company. It cannot be everywhere. This has led to the rise of service agents. Service agents are companies that are registered as agents for air products in singapore. This allows the agents to carry and supply gases, chemicals equipment’s and all other products and services from Air Products and GIA is one of the service agent for Air Products.

Benefits of Service Agents

Service agents may not necessarily be the original company, but there are a lot of benefits or working with them. Such benefits include:

  • Air Products service agents offer delivery services.
  • You are assured of quality products and services as they are direct from the mother company.
  • Many service agents are within reach to the clients on the ground.
  • In the case of equipment, you will get genuine items. Moreover, you can also get genuine spare parts.
  • Provision of maintenance and repair services.
  • Vessels that use the N2 System by Air Products can receive a Health Check Attendance Service
Written by Gustav Kjaer